Monday, January 03, 2011

The pseudo-science of media

There is a great deal of pseudo-science around which is posited by news media as real science. The Miami Herald blog in this latest 'Xmas Cheer' is a case in point. Cindy Krischer would have us believe that there is a higher thinking in 'positive thinking'. Let me unravel the confusion. But first read her article at her blog.

My response is:
Call me a 'hater' Cindy, or dare I say 'negative', but your blog is hogwash. People are stressed out because of the Xmas rush & shopping congestion. The notion that there is some value in repressing how you feel is pseudo-science. The appropriate response is to recognise the nature of any indignation. You call it 'hate', I call it people with 'narrow-minded' agendas. There is no hate involved.
How to get over it? Don't substitute others agendas or values for your own. Those people exist. The good news is that if you have good judgement, you don't have to marry them. But given that 50% of people get divorced, maybe they would steer a better course if they repudiated pseudo-science.
More broadly, unless we have more healthy social or institutional structures, i.e. like better education, government and corporate values, then we can expect to conflict or be confounded by unreasonable or concrete-bound thinkers. In this respect, your ideology is part of the problem.