Thursday, August 18, 2005

Happiness - how & where to find it?

It seems to be a lifelong goal for people to achieve a sense of happiness. The problem I have with the concept is that it depends on your expectations. ie. If you expect little, then happiness is easy, albeit no great achievement. As the saying goes, the struggle seems to make it worth it. If happiness lies in the achievement, presumably their is pride in knowing that we have grown from one point to another. There are several areas of our lives where people seek happiness, and how they might attempt to measure it:
  1. Career - level of job satisfaction - not simply about how much money we make
  2. Finances - how well we manage our finances
  3. Relationships - how fulfilling our relationships are
  4. Values - our level of mental efficacy and integrity

Clearly efficacy in area of these areas cannot be regarded as components of happiness, but rather opportunities to display an efficacy. We don`t need to be a great money-manager, since we can employ one, but in that case we need to be a great auditor of performance for those people we depend on, as well as having the skills and knowledge to choose a great accountant. Regardless of how we live, we need to apply a set of skills to our life. For this reason, happiness depends upon:

  1. Purpose: Everyone needs a goal to motivate them if they are to display any sense of efficacy. No skill is developed spontaneously, but takes years of work, otherwise we don`t differentiate ourselves, and it doesn`t register as an achievement.
  2. Achieving results: We have the choice of area for which we want to develop an expertise. Its important that we can demonstrate results in terms which contribute to a tangible improvement in our lives, eg. financial, relationships, lifestyle
  3. Focus: We need to focus on one area, and it takes self-discipline and passion to focus on that area.
  4. Preparation: Any achievement requires a strategy, research and planning to achieve our goals.
  5. Relationships: Increasingly its important to develop relationships to help you achieve goals.

Thats all at this stage.

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